480. Transform Negativity and Cultivate Equanimity with Rev. Michael B. Beckwith

480. Transform Negativity and Cultivate Equanimity with Rev. Michael B. Beckwith

By Commune

In this conversation, renowned spiritual teacher Reverend Michael B. Beckwith shares how you can turn negativity into purpose and grow in the face of frustration, betrayal, and grief. Learn to be present and discover how to live through anything, powerfully.

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In this episode we cover:

0:07:01 – The Art of Non-Reaction
0:16:31 – Cultivating Space
0:23:31 – The Inner Critic
0:31:31 – Fear
0:39:01 – Optimism
0:42:31 – Anxiety
0:45:31 – Loneliness
0:57:01 – Staying Grounded
0:59:31 – Betrayal in Relationships
1:02:01 – Forgiveness
1:16:01 – Restorative Justice
1:19:31 – Grief
1:26:31 – Post-Traumatic Growth

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