Building resiliency, understanding fear and recognising our imposter syndrome with Diann Wingert and Jay Emme

Building resiliency, understanding fear and recognising our imposter syndrome with Diann Wingert and Jay Emme

By Kate Moryoussef

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As we take a break for the summer holidays, we wanted to share some of the incredible ADHD Women's Wellbeing Podcast interviews we have done over the last 12 months and bring together clips from different guests that highlight various issues we all face regarding our ADHD.

This week, business mindset coach Diann Wingert and Musician and ADHD Creative Coach Jay Emme talk about the importance of communication and resiliency. Jay also speaks about her specific experience of being black with ADHD.

In this episode of the ADHD Women's Wellbeing Podcast, Kate and Diann talk about:

Diann's no-nonsense, no-BS approach which is fantastic for ADHD women.Being yourself in business and entrepreneurialismHer confident communication methodsTrauma, ADHD and ResiliencyBuilding resiliency through being authentic and often failingWhat are upper limit issues and how do they impact us facing fear and moving forward?The importance of resilience as solopreneursHow rejection sensitivity dysphoria (RSD) shows up and how we can help ourselvesMenopause and its impact on our confidence and resilienceLiving well with ADHD - living our purpose as entrepreneursConfident communication, being direct, efficient and not wasting time with ADHDWhat fear teaches usChanging our negative stories and mindset and reframing our strugglesLearning what our blind spots are and how to move past themBoundaries and self-acceptance, the skills we have and the blind spots we may have.

Kate and Jay then speak about:

ADHD, creativity and having lots of interestsHow music and ADHD work togetherHow particular sounds are more intriguing to the neurodiverse brainGrowing up un-diagnosedManaging our nervous system and learning how to use our ADHD brains for positivityTrying to relax and do "nothing" with ADHDNot allowing ADHD to define your lifeRethinking our thinkingBeing black and having ADHDThe mental health challenges that come with ADHDUndoing stereotypes, stigmas and historical beliefs that can hold women backOur love of music and ADHD

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