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Could a 'treason clause' kick Trump off the ballot?

Could a 'treason clause' kick Trump off the ballot?

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The 14th Amendment is not something anyone has discussed much since the 1800s.

But right now it's the talk of the town.

It includes a post-civil war clause that bars anyone from holding public office if they've engaged in an insurrection or rebellion.

Right now, there are lawyers, academics and die-hard constitutionalists who are working out if there's a legal channel to remove Trump's name from any electoral ballot on the grounds he tried to overturn democracy on January 6th 2020. We speak to a Watergate special prosecutor about what could happen. And we look at the Republican move to launch an impeachment enquiry into Joe Biden. Do they have evidence of wrong doing?

Editor: Gabriel Radus

Social Editor: Georgia Foxwell

Planning Producer: Alex Barnett

Video Producer: Will Gibson-Smith

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