Top 10 Things Right Wingers Will Boycott Next

Top 10 Things Right Wingers Will Boycott Next

By God

The Holy Trinity unites on this live Twitch episode to discuss overeating at Six Flags, Joey Mandarino’s stupid tweet, the Succession finale, God’s new baby and the ‘Top Ten Things Right Wingers Will Boycott Next.’

On ‘World News,’ no one remembers if DeSantis launched a run for the White House because they were too busy watching AOC play games online, Biden laughs at the idea of pardoning Trump, Mexican president tells Florida Hispanics not to vote for DeSantis, the church is filled with rampant sex offenders, Boebert rejected by White House for her conspiracy theories, American’s are tired of their gun problems, student loans about to crush the innocent, and Biden-GOP deal bad for the poor. On ‘The Lighter Side,’ lawyer uses non existent legal case he got from ChatGPT and a man opens a plane door because he wanted out. On ‘Ask God,’ you’ll learn if Logan Roy is in hell, what Jesus thinks about is portrayal in “History of the World Part II,” and if Jesus and Martin Scorsese are on good terms. And will Jesus finally stop loving Taylor Swift on ‘What Would Jesus Do?’

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