Top 10 Things Conservatives Think Make You Gay

Top 10 Things Conservatives Think Make You Gay

By God

On this episode of the God Pod: Mary Mags joins God to discuss the ‘Top Ten Things Conservatives Think Make You Gay (But Actually Don’t.’)

On ‘World News,’ Latinos realize Republican states aren’t Good Samaritans, out of state ID’s for immigrants not accepted in Florida and Texas, truckers strike against Ron DeSantis, Florida teacher policed for playing Disney movie with gay character, Disney pulls 1 billion Florida plug, Joe Biden is up 7 points, more indictments for Trump equals huge boost for Dems, Dianne Feinstein getting ‘Weekend At Bernie’s,’ and hypocrite Lauren Boebert stops ‘chasing Jesus’ to save her marriage. On ‘Heaven News,’ Divine Drag Squad unites, Trump poops himself, and big boy season. On ‘Ask God,’ you’ll discover if God cried when dinosaurs died, what the plumbing situation in heaven is like, who are the brides of Christ, and if cereal is soup. 

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