Banning TikTok In 2023 (with Joman)

Banning TikTok In 2023 (with Joman)

By God

On this new episode of the God Pod: JOMAN, the legendary satirical composer, TikToker, music producer, DJ, and graduate of Nothing Special University, joins God to tackle why everything is horrible, banning TikTok, the woo to Q pipeline, EDMC, brainwashing, angry incels, the golden calf Elon Musk bro cult, media/informational literacy, sad American life statistics, toxic positivity, brain plasticity, Carl Sagan, the dumbing down of America, pseudo hippies, out of touch politicians, microplastics, redemption and forgiveness. 

And God has a New Commandment at the end, so DON’T MISS IT!

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