God Blasts Republican ‘Woke’ Messaging

God Blasts Republican ‘Woke’ Messaging

By God

On this episode of the God Pod: Moses has a case of the Mondays but joins God to discuss short pants, the Spin Doctors, avoiding Satanic fast food, and his 40-day weight loss journey.

Terrible things to report on 'The GD News,' like why conservatives can't define "woke," Ron "Pudding Fingers" DeSantis's stint at Guantanamo, Putin's arrest warrant, Biden demanding TikTok to be sold or risk nationwide ban, and woke spoons. On 'Ask Moses' (brought to you by ChatGPT), you'll learn how Moses spoke with God, his most challenging podcasting moment, how he spent his free time in the desert, what was going through his mind when he saw the burning bush, if he edited the Ten Commandments, is he still bitter about not getting to the Promised Land, and his valuable-ish life advice. On 'Ask God,' we all discover what God would do if he had to watch Judge Judy on the highest volume in a broom closet, and would he rather live in a world where 'Happy Birthday' is always sung to him or smash his way through all his friends' houses like the Koolaid Man. On 'Moses' Conspiracy Corner,' you'll get your mind blown when you find out if Elvis died on the toilet or in witness protection by the hands of the Mafia, his thoughts on the increasing near catastrophic airplane misses, and the new ChatGPT-4 AI model. 

And don't miss The God Pod Anthem rap at the end!

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