Satan Trolls The Hell Out Of Alito's Mom

Satan Trolls The Hell Out Of Alito's Mom

By God

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TODAY ON THE GOD POD: Satan rises from the bowels of hell to let God know chicken noodle soup yurt is booked for the year and discuss The Satanic Temple’s new abortion clinic name, “The Samual Alito’s Mom’s Abortion Clinic.”

On ‘Ask God,’ you’ll learn which place is worse than hell, God’s gun policy in heaven, what’s the deal with snake handling, where to look when praying, how Satan got his job, and whether God will wear a belly shirt or talk like a pirate for eternity. On ‘The Satan Show!,’ CNN gets caught pushing Ground Hog Day clickbait, Punxsutawney Phil’s Canadian rival suspiciously dies, Tom Brady’s deal with Satan, George Santos’ bad karaoke reviews, and Greta Thunberg is scientifically proven right about the correlation between sports cars and schlong size. On the ‘GD News,’ AOC uppercuts the GOP, violent corporate language alternatives, and West Virginia passes an evil theocratic bill that requires ‘In God We Trust in every building. 

The God Pod: Have It Yahweh!

After 6000 years of running the universe, God realized that Satan is kicking his butt, like, really bad. Over the centuries and despite lots of trying, God has not been able to smite the forces of evil. So, he started a podcast to do just that. Full of fun and heart, the God Pod is a twice-weekly opportunity for God to hang out with his fellow deities and maybe even meet some interesting humans.


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