God Interviews Eli Lilly Prankster Sean Morrow

God Interviews Eli Lilly Prankster Sean Morrow

By God

On this #Blessed episode of the God Pod: God interviews Sean Morrow, who brilliantly pranked Eli Lilly with a viral satirical tweet. Sean is a journalist for the publication More Perfect Union, fighter of the good fight, and winner of the 2022 God’s Divine Prize for Satire.  

Everyone is doing great on Group Therapy with Psyche. On the God**** News: Kanye’s antisemitism, Elon Musk’s psychopathic bedside table rubbish, Neuralink, and begging for more tweets. On the Satan Show!: The gang discusses Cocaine Bear, Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones movie, and God has a confession, so tune in to find out!

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