God Blesses Gen-Z For Being Awesome

God Blesses Gen-Z For Being Awesome

By God

On this blessed episode of the God Pod: Jesus rises from a nap and joins God to spread the corporate free good news about the U.S. elections, furious Republicans, Gen Z coming to the rescue, tacky wolf shirts, Boebert BS, Elon “can’t take a joke” Musk, and God taking away the right to spill your seed. 

On JFC LOL, they discuss the hypocrisy of evangelicals and Herschel Walker, the Republican civil war, God getting a follow from Luke Skywalker on Twitter, Jesus and God having a wonderful bonding moment on Therapy With Jesus, Bigfoot martial arts, and God explains the ins and outs of making testicles!  

So crank up your podcast listening app to 11 and let the world know you’re here to humble our new insect overlords!


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After 6000 years of running the universe, God realized that Satan is kicking his butt, like, really bad. Over the centuries and despite lots of trying, God has not been able to smite the forces of evil. So, he started a podcast to do just that. Full of fun and heart, the God Pod is a twice-weekly opportunity for God to hang out with his fellow deities and maybe even meet some interesting humans.


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