Legendary Simpsons Producer Bill Oakley Stops By The God Pod!

Legendary Simpsons Producer Bill Oakley Stops By The God Pod!

By God

Three-time Emmy award-winning comedy writer Bill Oakley joins Jesus, Mary Mags, and God to talk about his incredible career writing for The Simpsons, Futurama, Regular Show, Mission Hill, his retro sci-fi comedy adventure audiobook/radio play Space: 1969, and his Steamed Hams Society & Food Discovery Club.

We also discuss the flailing tv industry, our favorite fast food, Hobby Lobby owner giving away the store for Me (total BS), trash praying, God pranks, Democrat messaging, AOC getting an eye patch, Kanye getting dropped by Adidas, his fanatical christian ninja school, and how he’s always been a POS #pinkknew

Special Bonus: God reveals how to get to heaven in 5 easy steps!

Grab a refreshing drink, your favorite snack, and listen while hiking, while sitting, while pooping, or while staring into blank space cuz this episode is dope.

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