God Interviews Guy Who Trolled Texas With Arabic “In God We Trust” Signs

God Interviews Guy Who Trolled Texas With Arabic “In God We Trust” Signs

By God

I said, "Let there be a God Pod," and saw that it was GREAT! Chaz Stevens, the amazing political activist for the separation of church and state, known as the ambassador to hell, the world's worst superhero, and General Patton of the War On Christmas, joins Me, Jesus, and Mary Mags to discuss his incredible career trolling the bureaucratic hypocrisy of the far right. And if that wasn't awesome enough, he also connects humans with emotional support animals. He's done too many great things to list here, so listen to the show! 

We also discuss drive-by baptisms, inflatable boobs, the gayest place in town, and Rob ‘MAGA’ Schneider's slide into continued oblivion. 

So grab your favorite beverage, warm up your favorite podcast app and click those links FOR THE LOVE OF ME. Do it now, and I'll give you time off in purgatory with the unique code "In God We Yass."

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