497. The Hidden Epidemic: Insulin Resistance, Fertility, and Chronic Disease with Dr. Benjamin Bikman

497. The Hidden Epidemic: Insulin Resistance, Fertility, and Chronic Disease with Dr. Benjamin Bikman

By Commune

Insulin resistance is remarkably ubiquitous, impacting nearly a billion people around the world. In this episode, metabolic research scientist Dr. Benjamin Bikman clarifies the relationship between insulin and chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer, dementia and diabetes as well as its impact on infertility, PCOS, and erectile dysfunction. He also discusses the pros and cons of popular drug interventions like Ozempic and Metformin.

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In this episode we cover:
0:03:47 – The Role of Insulin
0:07:12 – Primary Causes of Insulin Resistance
0:24:37 – Infertility
0:34:49 – Early Puberty
0:40:43 – Alzheimer's Disease
0:49:13 – Ketogenic Diet
0:56:36 – Contributors to Insulin Resistance
1:05:09 – How to Improve Insulin Resistance
1:07:55 – Temperature Therapies
1:14:45 – Exercise
1:20:55 – Drug Interventions
1:34:16 – Ozempic

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