Unlock longevity: Dr. Peter Attia's essential strategies

Unlock longevity: Dr. Peter Attia's essential strategies


Dr. Peter Attia doesn’t want a slow death. He doesn’t want his final years to be defined by poor mental and physical faculties that only worsen as the years roll by. But, by making changes to his lifestyle today, he’s taking control of his health tomorrow

In today’s episode of ZOE Science & Nutrition, Jonathan and Peter ask: How can you maintain your health as you age? 

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00:00 - Introduction 

1:29 - Quickfire round

3:14 - Healthspan vs lifespan

09:52 - The difference between slow and quick death 

12:23 - What diseases cause slow death

13:34 - Acting before there’s a problem

16:17 - Is it too late to improve my future health

19:20 - How to improve modern medicine

25:07 - The importance of blood sugar

33:03 - The centanarian decathlon

34:00 - Cardio training

38:00 - Strength training

40:43 - Summary and outro

Mentioned in today’s episode: 

The inequities in the cost of chronic disease from the National Council on Aging                                Early lesions of atherosclerosis in youth from the Journal of the American Nutrition AssociationCoronary heart disease causes and risk factors from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

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