498. Glyphosate, Farmer Suicide, and Chronic Disease with Dr. Zach Bush, Gail Fuller, and Alex Woodward

498. Glyphosate, Farmer Suicide, and Chronic Disease with Dr. Zach Bush, Gail Fuller, and Alex Woodward

By Commune

In today’s episode we explore the far-reaching consequences of modern farming practices. Our guests – Dr. Zach Bush, Gail Fuller of Circle 7 Farm, and author Alex Woodard – explain why agriculture came to rely so heavily on chemical inputs, what that has meant for farmer and consumer health, and how a shift in farming practices can restore our internal and external ecosystems.

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In this episode we cover:
0:04:36 – The Ordinary Soil Book Excerpt
0:09:41 – Conditions for American Farmers
0:11:33 – The Impact of Modern Farming
0:16:55 – Changes in Farming in the Past 50 Years
0:22:37 – The 80's Obesity Movement
0:25:41 – Herbicides and Mental Health
0:31:40 – Glyphosate as a Functioning Antibiotic
0:41:02 – A Return to Regenerative Farming
0:54:06 – Corn, Soy, Cows, and Cars
0:58:51 – The Farm Bill
0:59:58 – Crop Insurance
1:11:33 – Bringing Back Crop Rotation
1:18:19 – Carbon in the Soil
1:27:50 – Earthworms
1:40:21 – Storytelling

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