499. Nutrition for Mental Health with Dr. Uma Naidoo

499. Nutrition for Mental Health with Dr. Uma Naidoo

By Commune

Dr. Uma Naidoo is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist, professional chef, and nutrition specialist. Listen in to learn more about the intricate connection between gut and brain and how food literally feeds your moods, molecule by molecule.

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In this episode we cover:
0:02:58 – What is a nutritional psychiatrist?
0:04:18 – Adding and removing foods
0:11:48 – The Gut-Brain Connection
0:15:04 – How Food Interacts with the Gut-Brain Connection
0:20:02 – The Connection Between Anxiety, Depression, and Gut Issues
0:21:43 – Foods that Degrade the Gut
0:23:57 – The Impact of Inflammation
0:25:26 – The Role of Serotonin
0:29:20 – What is the role of tryptophan the production of serotonin?
0:33:00 – What is the role of prebiotics and fiber?
0:35:01 – What are fermented foods we should eat?
0:41:26 – What is the impact of meat?
0:49:10 – What can we do to advocate for eating healthy?
0:50:08 – Should we focus on low-glycemic carbs?
0:58:06 – How can hospital patients eat well?
1:02:30 – What are some healthy food swaps for a sweet craving?
1:05:51 – What are some healthy swaps for seed oils?
1:08:03 – What are healthier options for sodas or sugary fruit drinks?
1:14:49 – What is the connection between caffeine and anxiety?
1:19:01 – What is the daily recommended intake of sugar?
1:19:28 – Is there a good app that reports glycemic index?
1:20:04 – How does the brain influence the gut?
1:27:59 – What is the connection between food and anxiety?

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