503. Faith, Serendipity, and Spiritual Minimalism with Light Watkins

503. Faith, Serendipity, and Spiritual Minimalism with Light Watkins

By Commune

Light Watkins is a bestselling author, accomplished meditation teacher, and host of The Shine, often described as “The Jimmy Kimmel Show for mindfulness.” In this episode we explore the profound insights he gained from adopting a nomadic lifestyle, delving into the concept of "spiritual minimalism" and its transformative impact, reminding us that life's unforeseen twists and turns can lead us to truly extraordinary lives.

Alan Watts Story About the Chinese Farmer
White Polar Bear Study

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In this episode we cover:
0:03:07 – What was The Shine?
0:13:57 – How can one create community?
0:21:05 – What is spiritual minimalism?
0:24:18 – What is a leap of faith?
0:26:25 – What essentials do you carry in your bag?
0:37:57 – What's your particular skill with paper?
0:39:38 – How do you remember people's names?
0:44:11 – What is flaneuring?
0:53:50 – What does "no throwaway moments" mean?
1:02:11 – How do you become comfortable with discomfort?
1:08:51 – What is the resting squat?
1:13:13 – What's your take on the freedom of choice?
1:20:12 – What's your ten step process for meditation?
1:41:17 – What's your idea of final impressions?

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