509. Longevity Science: Taking Control of Your Healthspan with Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, Dr. Will Cole, and Serena Poon, CN.

509. Longevity Science: Taking Control of Your Healthspan with Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, Dr. Will Cole, and Serena Poon, CN.

By Commune

As science makes remarkable strides, more and more of us will be living past 100. But the reality is that our healthspans – the years we spend in good health, free from chronic disease and disabilities – is actually going down. In today's episode, we present insights from leading experts in the field of longevity on how to improve healthspan.

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In this episode we cover:
0:08:23 – What is the difference between biological and chronological age?
0:11:11 – What is the difference between lifespan and healthspan?
0:20:42 – How is biological age measured?
0:26:16 – Bio 101: what is the primary function of DNA?
0:31:40 – What does healthspan look like in the West right now?
0:37:07 – How do we make longevity protocols accesible?
0:40:50 – What are adversity mimetics and why are they helpful?

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