Ozzfest Stories & Heavy Metal Glory | The Osbournes Podcast #208

Ozzfest Stories & Heavy Metal Glory | The Osbournes Podcast #208

By Osbourne Digital Media

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Welcome back to another lively episode of The Osbournes Podcast. 

This week, step into the electrifying world of Ozzfest. Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly and Jack delve into the heart-pounding history of Ozzfest, reminiscing about its epic beginnings, backstage antics, and unforgettable performances by bands like Incubus, Tool, System of a Down, Snot, Disturbed, Marilyn Manson, Limp Bizkit and many more. They share stories about what made Ozzfest so special, reveal their favorite memories, and even discuss some wild and chaotic moments that happened on the tour including but not limited to POOP. They touch on the impact Ozzfest had on launching hard rock bands into stardom, share backstage anecdotes about various bands' shenanigans, and explore concert safety in light of recent events. Plus, don't miss their insights on the tragic events at Astroworld and a glimpse into what's coming with the Ozzfest documentary. 

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