512. Ask Dr. G: Exercise Strategies for Optimal Health and Body Composition

512. Ask Dr. G: Exercise Strategies for Optimal Health and Body Composition

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Welcome to the fourth episode of Ask Dr. G, where Dr. Sara Gottfried answers questions from you, our Commune Community. Today, Jeff and Dr. G get into the details of exercise — what, when, how often, and for how long. They discuss the benefits of zone two training, the role of exercise in mood regulation, and the appropriate balance between aerobic, anaerobic, and resistance training.

Biomarkers of the heart

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In this episode we cover:
0:03:18 – How should we move our bodies for optimal health?
0:05:46 -- What is a CT scan of the heart?
0:09:55 – Is it possible to exercise too much?
0:12:24 – How do you define oxidative stress?
0:14:33 – What types of plaques exist in the arteries?
0:17:05 – What biomarkers do you use to measure a healthy heart?
0:19:28 – How much exercise is optimal?
0:20:30 – How should we balance the different types of exercise?
0:24:31 – What are the different types of aerobic training, what is FTP, and what are the training zones?
0:29:19 – Is there an aerobic zone that is optimal for mood regulation?
0:30:03 – Can exercise be used to manage weight?
0:32:05 – What type of exercise is the most effective at releasing endorphins?
0:33:07 – What is the situation with lactic acid and sore muscles?
0:34:36 – How do you balance cardio -- aerobic and anaerobic training -- with resistance training?
0:37:25 – How can exercise influence healthspan?
0:38:19 – How critical is flexibility?
0:44:31 – When is the best time to exercise?
0:47:21 – How does your body feel now, in your 50's, compared to your 20's?

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