513. From Abraham to October 7th with Yoav Biller

513. From Abraham to October 7th with Yoav Biller

By Commune

Today’s episode is an effort to unpack, chronologically and objectively, the history of Israel-Palestine for the past 4,000 years. The discussion focuses on the religious, cultural and political history of the region – from the time of Abraham, the father of both Judaism and Islam – until the day of the Hamas attack. We hope you find it helpful in developing a more nuanced and grounded assessment of the current situation.

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In this episode we cover:
0:06:28 – What is the history of the region going back 4000 years?
0:25:24 – What groups are indigenous to this region?
0:27:05 – What happened during the Ottoman period?
0:29:30 – What is Zionism?
0:35:13 – What was the Balfour Declaration?
0:41:25 – What was the British Mandate?
0:44:30 – What was the two-state solution?
0:48:51 – What was the second two-state solution?
0:52:28 – What happened on May 14, 1948?
0:53:40 – Was there an official vote within the United Nations to approve that partition plan?
0:54:59 – What were the results of the Nakba/War of Independence?
0:59:47 – What is the right of return?
1:01:38 – Why did the international community not demand Israel give the land back?
1:06:35 – What is the Israeli paradox?
1:07:51 – Are Arab Israeli's mostly Muslim?
1:14:10 – What is the status of a Palestinian refugee?
1:16:25 – What happens in 1967?
1:39:19 – What happened in 1973?
1:41:31 – What was the First Intifada?
1:43:50 – What were the results of the 1992 election?
1:44:44 – What were the Oslo Accords?
1:53:16 – What was the Israel-Jordan peace treaty of 1994?
1:57:19 – What was the Camp David Summit?
2:04:21 – What was the Second Intifada?
2:09:50 – Why the withdrawal from Gaza in 2005?
2:13:26 – What happened in the 2006 election?
2:26:28 – What happens in the early 2010's?
2:32:41 – What is the situation in Gaza?

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