Wildest Celebrity Lifestyles & Outrageous Rockstar Riders | The Osbournes Podcast #210

Wildest Celebrity Lifestyles & Outrageous Rockstar Riders | The Osbournes Podcast #210

By Osbourne Digital Media

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Welcome back to The Osbournes Podcast! This week, The Osbournes spill the beans on the most outrageous celebrity encounters and rockstar riders they’ve come across. From Ozzy's bizarre art preferences to Kelly's birthday shenanigans, the family dives into the glitzy and chaotic world of celebrity lifestyles. They share jaw-dropping stories of their favorite celebrity encounters with icons like Billy Bob Thorton, Nicolas Cage, Liza Minnelli, Jason Mamoa, Dave Chappelle and so many more. Catch how Ozzy met Elizabeth Taylor, why he was in the middle of a police shootout, why Bette Midler stopped her performance to cuss him out, and stick around to the end to find out what famous British comedian is at the tip of Ozzy’s tongue … hint: it’s not Dom Joly. 

Also, the Osbournes tackle sensationalized tabloids and the paparazzi scene, sharing some juicy stories on ridiculous tabloid headlines, reporters with dildos, why Rolling Stone didn’t like Black Sabbath, Tom Cruise was drenched with water, Ryan Seacrest doused with flour, why The Osbournes don’t wear disguises. All in all, it is a candid and heartfelt reflection on the perks and pitfalls of fame. With tasty tales of star-studded events, unexpected fan connections, and hilarious mishaps, this episode is a rollercoaster of celebrity revelations.

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