520. Recovering from Cannabis Dependency with Tommy Rosen

520. Recovering from Cannabis Dependency with Tommy Rosen

By Commune

Addiction treatment specialist and yoga teacher Tommy Rosen shares the moment he had to confront a harsh reality — his reliance on cannabis for emotional solace only masked deeper issues. In this episode, he and Jeff delve into the complex landscape of modern cannabis culture, exploring its positive aspects as well as the often overlooked negative impacts, including rising concerns of addiction and abuse.

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In this episode we cover:
0:03:58 – Tommy's Experience
0:11:37 – What are some reasons people use cannabis?
0:18:08 – How does cannabis compare to narcotics?
0:26:37 – What are some of the medical benefits of cannabis?
0:34:06 – What are some of the negative impacts of overuse of cannabis?
0:40:10 – How do you define a "half-lived life"?
0:45:25 – What is cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS)?
0:51:15 – How many adults in the US are using cannabis?
0:52:58 – What is your recovery program Life Beyond Cannabis?
1:08:23 – Finding community in recovery
1:20:09 – How to mindfully observe our consumption habits
1:23:40 – Where to find Tommy's recovery resources

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