522. Attuning to the Heart with Dr. Nicole LePera

522. Attuning to the Heart with Dr. Nicole LePera

By Commune

In this episode, holistic psychologist and author Dr. Nicole LePera discusses her new book “How to Be the Love You Seek.” She and Jeff explore how our childhood experiences can shape beliefs and behaviors in our adult relationships, and Nicole highlights the importance of paying attention to our body’s signals in order to become better attuned to our hearts.

Nicole LePera on Instagram: @the.holistic.psychologist
On Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtEWTaMjqOH8J1Gy06Ey0Yg
On the web: https://theholisticpsychologist.com/

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In this episode we cover:
0:04:14 – What was the genesis of your emotional unavailability? And how did you address it?
0:09:48 – Are our unhealthy relationship patterns rooted in childhood trauma or adverse experiences? 0:14:04 – What are some prominent character archetypes?
0:18:23 – How do our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors impact our physiology?
0:26:34 – What's the link between our neurobiology and ability to form healthy relationships?
0:34:48 – What is the "embodied" self? How do we access it?
0:46:55 – What health protocols have you adopted to feel your most embodied?
0:56:21 – How do we attune our hearts?
1:04:07 – How do you apply your work to your personal life?
1:10:56 – Who can benefit from reading "How To Be The Love You Seek"?
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