523. Ask Dr. G: Spotting Red Flags and Reversing Pre-diabetes

523. Ask Dr. G: Spotting Red Flags and Reversing Pre-diabetes

By Commune

Welcome to Ask Dr. G, where Dr. Sara Gottfried answers questions from you, our Commune Community. Today, Jeff and Dr. G tackle questions about insulin and managing glucose levels. Dr. G presents the pros and cons of the ketogenic diet specifically in connection to reversing insulin resistance, and the two share protocols they’ve adopted to reverse pre-diabetes.

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In this episode we cover:
0:04:25 – What are the optimal fasting insulin levels?
0:12:19 – What is the definition of insulin resistance?
0:22:40 – Where does glucose travel once it's in the bloodstream?
0:23:54 – Consequences of pre-diabetes in women vs. men
0:25:52 – How effective is the ketogenic diet for insulin resistance?

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