524. The Overlooked Role of Muscle in Brain & Metabolic Health with Max Lugavere

524. The Overlooked Role of Muscle in Brain & Metabolic Health with Max Lugavere

By Commune

Resistance training doesn’t just help you lift heavier things, it also improves blood sugar control, insulin sensitivity, and even brain health. In this episode, Max Lugavere – health and science journalist and author of Genius Foods – expands our understanding of the importance of protein and building muscle mass.

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In this episode we cover:
0:03:15 – What is body recomposition and why is it important?
0:07:01 – How does lean muscle affect blood glucose levels and insulin sensitivity?
0:08:52 – What is a glucose sink?
0:12:41 – What is the link between metabolic health and Alzheimer's?
0:21:08 – Why is it good to increase core metabolic rate through the acquisition of skeletal muscle mass?
0:23:59 – What is the best way to preserve muscle?
0:25:18 – What effect does Ozempic have on muscle mass?
0:26:21 – What is metabolic obsesity or "skinny-fat," and why is it dangerous?
0:27:56 – Why is muscle useful from an endocrine perspective?
0:39:31 – What's the role of protein in developing muscle?
0:42:05 – How does protein help control hunger?
0:43:01 – What is the best source of protein?
0:46:05 – What type of animal protein should we be getting?
0:56:36 – When should we be getting protein?
0:57:59 – How much protein should we ideally get?
1:01:51 – What about protein supplements?
1:03:48 – Should we focus on getting more amino acids?
1:07:43 – What about creatine?
1:08:57 – How do carbs fit into the equation?
1:13:05 – Is there a trade-off between performance and longevity?
1:22:18 – What did you find through your McDonald's experiment?

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