526. The 11 Healthiest Foods at 7-Eleven with Jeff Krasno

526. The 11 Healthiest Foods at 7-Eleven with Jeff Krasno

By Commune

Why is it so difficult to find inexpensive, healthy food? In this episode, Jeff does some in-the-field research to find the most nutrient-dense options at the omnipresent convenience store 7-Eleven.

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In this episode we cover:

00:02:10 - The hurdles to finding both healthy and affordable food.
00:03:52 - Is there a way to shop affordably at a convenience store and eat healthy?
00:05:56 - What to look for when making healthy choices at a convenience store.
00:06:47 - Healthiest foods at 7-Eleven.
00:10:50 - How could you eat exclusively and affordably from a 7-Eleven across an entire day? 00:12:52 - Reflections on the endemic issues faced by our food system

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