527. Mind-Gut Harmony: Nourishing Mental Well-Being with Dr. Will Cole and Dr. Uma Naidoo

527. Mind-Gut Harmony: Nourishing Mental Well-Being with Dr. Will Cole and Dr. Uma Naidoo

By Commune

More and more research is showing that what we eat and how we think are more connected than we thought. In this episode, integrative medicine experts Dr. Uma Naidoo and Dr. Will Cole dig into the complex and dynamic relationship between brain health and gut health.

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Topics covered:

00:03:14: What is a nutritional psychiatrist?
00:06:06: What are some small tweaks we can make to feel better?
00:11:30: Spices that affect our mental health
00:11:44: What are the different highways between the brain and the gut?
00:14:17: How the gut and the brain communicate
00:15:00: The connection between inflammation and mental health
00:20:06: Foods that cause gut dysbiosis
00:23:21: How effective are SSRIs?
00:27:14: What are some of the ways our minds impact our physiology?
00:30:38: How our “fight or flight” response works
00:33:40: How do you define shame?
00:38:36: The transgenerational heritability of trauma
00:46:09: What are some practices we can adopt to create a better relationship between the gut and the brain?
00:53:00: Self care practices to improve vagal tone

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