529. Sober Curious with Ruby Warrington

529. Sober Curious with Ruby Warrington

By Commune

Alcohol consumption is deeply ingrained in our culture. We experience it at almost every social setting—from weddings to funerals, from work events to family events. But rarely do we stop to question the impact alcohol has on our mental and physical wellbeing, because if you're a “normal drinker,” why bother? In this episode, journalist and author of the book Sober Curious, Ruby Warrington encourages you to get, well, curious about the role alcohol plays in your life, and more importantly, why you consume it.

In this episode we cover:

00:02:26: Defining “sober curious”
00:05:38: Exploring why we turn to alcohol as a social norm
00:07:37: Benefits of being sober curious
00:08:02: Defining the “confidence paradox”
00:11:34: Can we retrain our body to attune to natural highs?

This episode originally aired on Blinkist: https://www.blinkist.com/en/shortcasts/commune-with-jeff-krasno/1006

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