10 tips to help you live healthier: Part 2

10 tips to help you live healthier: Part 2


In this special two-part episode, we’re taking a journey back through all of our episodes to bring you 10 actionable tips that will have a big impact on your nutritional health. 

Here, in part two, we’ll find out why you should stop counting sheep and how fidgeting can boost your health. These are evidence-backed tips to help you live and eat healthier.

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00:00 Introduction

01:30 Which oil is best?

06:45 Plants and the microbiome

10:37 Move after eating

16:40 Give your gut a rest

23:20 Getting to sleep

Which oil is best?


Plants and the microbiome


Move after eating to manage blood sugar 


Give your gut a rest 


Getting to sleep


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