How to eat in 2024: 7 essential strategies

How to eat in 2024: 7 essential strategies


Happy New Year! Thinking about extreme dieting this January? Think again. There are easy ways to eat well and boost your immune system while still enjoying every mouthful. 

In today’s episode, Tim and Sarah break down seven essential strategies for eating healthily in 2024. They also debunk common misconceptions, emphasize the importance of food quality, and encourage you to focus on the sheer enjoyment of what you eat. 

Dr. Sarah Berry is an associate professor in the department of nutritional sciences at King's College London and chief scientist at ZOE. Prof. Tim Spector is one of the world's top 100 most cited scientists and scientific co-founder of ZOE.

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00:00    Introduction

02:30     Why does what we eat matter?

04:14    Are most people in the West eating well?

05:45    What are the risk factors of a bad diet?

07:20    Strategy #1: Food is more than fuel

10:38    Food is an energy source for our gut microbes

14:25    Strategy #2: Fat is not your enemy

18:00    Breaking the low fat diet myth

21:30    Strategy #3: Eat more Plants

25:11    What are plant based foods?

29:56    Strategy #4: Reduce ultra processed foods

34:38     What are the food guidelines with ultra processed food?

39:18    Strategy #5: Reduce your blood sugar spikes

42:59    Which carbohydrates are healthy?

52:00    Strategy #6: Eat fermented foods

56:25    Do probiotics have the same effect as eating fermented foods?

1:00:22 Strategy #7: Stick to an eating window

1:08:43    Summary

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