533. Stress and Weight: Unraveling the Connection with Dr. Benjamin Bikman and Jeff Krasno

533. Stress and Weight: Unraveling the Connection with Dr. Benjamin Bikman and Jeff Krasno

By Commune

Stress is a significant factor contributing to insulin resistance and, consequently, to weight management challenges. Today’s episode features Dr. Benjamin Bikman on the primary causes of insulin resistance that can lead to weight gain, and Jeff shares personal protocols he adopted to lose 60 pounds.

Topics covered:
00:02:15 – Why is insulin resistance upstream from common chronic diseases?
00:07:15 – What are the three primary origins of insulin resistance, and why are they considered independent causes?
00:08:30 – How does stress affect insulin resistance?
00:16:00 – What are the secondary causes of insulin resistance, and how do factors like seed oils and caffeine contribute?
00:18:15 – How does the endocrine response to stress work?
00:24:00 – What role does stress management play in weight management?
00:25:40 – What is the significance of the
00:16:08 intermittent fasting protocol in weight management?
00:31:23 – What are the key protocols for weight management?

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