Ozzy Osbourne’s Untold Rock Stories w/ Billy Morrison

Ozzy Osbourne’s Untold Rock Stories w/ Billy Morrison

By Osbourne Digital Media

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Join the ultimate rock icons - Ozzy Osbourne and Billy Morrison - for an electrifying episode diving deep into the essence of rock 'n' roll. From heart-stopping tour tales to candid conversations about addiction battles and the ever-evolving music scene, this episode unearths the unseen facets of their storied careers. Get ready for rock 'n' roll revelations as they reminisce about iconic moments onstage and off, sharing the secrets behind legendary tours and reflecting on the changing landscape of rock music. Sharon Osbourne even makes a special appearance to shed light on managing the Ozzy legacy. With discussions ranging from touring today versus the '80s and '90s to poignant reflections on the future of rock, this episode is a backstage pass into the raw, unfiltered world of music legends gearing up for an epic return to the stage.

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