Navigating marriage and relationships alongside our ADHD - Re-release

Navigating marriage and relationships alongside our ADHD - Re-release

By Kate Moryoussef

"The ADHD brain is a reward and emotion-focused brain...and we feel this intensely, which can have a huge impact on our relationships...."

There's no doubt about it, ADHD can seriously impact our relationships. Whether it shows up with our impulsivity, memory, RSD, sensory issues or emotional regulation, having ADHD within a relationship can often feel testing and difficult. Understanding, navigating and nurturing our relationships alongside ADHD can hugely benefit both partners and family dynamics.

This week Kate chats with Melissa Orlov, the founder of, and author of two award-winning books on the impact of ADHD in relationships - The ADHD Effect on Marriage (2010) and The Couple's Guide to Thriving with ADHD (2014). 

A marriage consultant, Melissa helps ADHD-affected couples from around the world rebalance their relationships and learn to thrive through her seminars, consulting and books. She also teaches marriage counsellors and other professionals about effective marriage therapy for couples impacted by ADHD. 

Melissa is considered one of the foremost authorities on the topic of how ADHD impacts adult relationships.

During this episode of The ADHD Women's Wellbeing Podcast, Kate and Melissa talk about:

Tips to optimise your relationship with ADHDManaging RSD in your relationshipNavigating your ADHD symptoms to benefit your relationshipLearning to interpret and manage ADHD to be a dependable partner correctlyHow a non-ADHD partner can help their spouseNuances of how ADHD can show up in relationshipsHealing together after a late in life ADHD diagnosisHow your partner can relieve some of your symptoms using verbal cues Sharing the emotional load of ADHDWhy and how you could be overcompensating

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Kate Moryoussef is a women’s ADHD Lifestyle & Wellbeing coach and EFT practitioner helping overwhelmed yet unfulfilled (many with ADHD like her) women find more calm, balance, health, compassion, creativity and clarity. 

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