The keto diet uncovered: The truth about fat vs. carbs

The keto diet uncovered: The truth about fat vs. carbs


Each day this week, we’re examining one of the world’s most popular diets. Putting the latest scientific evidence under the microscope, we’ll find out these diets' true impact on your health.

Today we’re talking about the keto diet, a global phenomenon favoring fats over carbs, lauded for potential health benefits like improved blood sugar control and weight loss.

Yet, the allure of keto does come with downsides. With a dearth of fiber and essential nutrients — as well a reputation for being notoriously difficult to keep on top of long-term — many find ketosis elusive.

In this special episode of ZOE Science & Nutrition, Jonathan is joined by Christopher Gardner, a professor of Medicine at Stanford University and the Director of Nutrition Studies at Stanford Prevention Research Center. Together, they unravel the keto diet's complexities, addressing its potential and pitfalls. 

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00:00 Introduction

00:42 Topic Intro

01:54 Why would anyone follow the keto diet?

02:59 What's the theory behind cutting carbs and switching to fat?

04:16 What happens in your body if you follow keto correctly?

05:59 What are the possible health benefits of switching to the keto diet?

06:34 What are the downsides to following the keto diet?

07:54 Keto diet study

10:01 What's the verdict?

11:37 Outro

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