ADHD Brain Health and using EFT/Tapping to help with neuroplasticity -  Brittany Shane Hochstetler & Candace Fox

ADHD Brain Health and using EFT/Tapping to help with neuroplasticity - Brittany Shane Hochstetler & Candace Fox

By Kate Moryoussef

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As we take a break for the summer holidays, we wanted to share with you some of the incredible interviews that we have done over the last 12 months and bring together clips from different guests that highlight various issues that we all face when it comes to our ADHD. This week, brain health expert Brittany Shane Hochstetler and conscious EFT practitioner and coach Candace Fox discuss the importance of brain health and neural pathways' role in ADHD. 

In this episode of The ADHD Women's Wellbeing Podcast, Kate and Brittany talk about:

The role of the prefrontal cortex and amygdala on emotional dysregulationBurnout and ADHDProductivity guilt - never doing enough but feeling like we never get to achieve anything.How to regulate and relax with ADHDEmpathy and the ADHD brainHigh expectations and inner pressureBeing aware of our ADHD in the background to prevent the burnout cycleBlood sugar, 'hanger' and ADHD - why we need to eat wellInteroception and ADHD - not recognising that we're hungry, thirsty or tiredParenting kids with ADHD alongside our ADHDThe sensory side of ADHD - being a seeker or an avoiderHow you can be stimulated with ADHD

Kate and Candace then talk about:

What is Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping and how does it helpDisordered eating, EFT and ADHDTrauma and regulating our nervous system using EFTRecognising that trauma can be stuck in our bodies and using somatic therapy and 'havening' for self-soothingWhy we believe EFT is so helpful for ADHDUsing acupressure and meridian points to calm usHow tapping can change our neural pathwaysNeuroplasticity, self-regulation and coregulation Burnout and the power of reschedulingThe future of using EFT to help ADHD

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