Ultimate Would You Rather Showdown

Ultimate Would You Rather Showdown

By Osbourne Digital Media

Ozzy and Sharon - the dynamic duo - back at it again. Sharon returned from the UK with major updates on the Welder’s house. Later on, the pari take on an array of hard-hitting "Would You Rather" questions that will leave you in stitches and deep in thought. Inspired by the Reddit "WouldYouRather," Ozzy and Sharon dive into thought-provoking dilemmas, including choosing between heaven and hell, navigating awkward party moments, and even the emotional decision of switching back your genetic child after a mix-up. It’s an unforgettable journey into the minds of Ozzy and Sharon, concluding with a surprise twist involving celebrity crushes.

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00:00 - Ozzy & Sharon back again

00:30 - The Osbournes incredible UK house 

04:19 - Ozzy’s iconic pool table

05:42 - Would You Rather Showdown! 

06:55 - WYR go to heaven or hell 

10:37 - Where do you poop at a party? 

13:17 - Would you keep your genetic child? 

15:50 - Are you a talented liar? 

17:43 - What kind of cage you living in? 

18:14 - People who brag or people who complain?

19:52 - Happier moments or less sad moments?

22:17 - Hallmark Christmas movies or horror movies?

23:55 - WYR police or serial killer hunting you?

24:45 - Be free or on death row?

25:27 - Know how or when you’ll die?

27:35 - Meet your ancestors or grandchildren? 

28:50 - Would you switch bodies? 

29:14 - Financial life or love life made public? 

30:14 - Zombie apocalypse or alien invasion? 

31:55 - Blind or deaf? 

35:10 - If you were the only person on earth…

35:33 - Sing or dance to every song?

35:57 - The celebrity crush question


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