MASKCAST, Episode 7 with Shirley Ballas a.k.a Rat

MASKCAST, Episode 7 with Shirley Ballas a.k.a Rat

By Bandicoot Television

'Go out of your comfort zone' is the advice Shirley's 86-year-old mother gave her, and that was the start of her ITV's Masked Singer experience.

Before signing up to the show Shirley's friends told her "You can't sing, you're no good, sit down". But with the help of our very own Vocal Coach Mark De Lisser and her son, Mark Ballas, she proved them all wrong by charming the nation on ITV's biggest guessing game!

The full inspirational story (and why Shirley loved it so much she's getting a rat tattoo) will fire you up to take on any challenge!

Plus Bubble Tea a.k.a Julia Sawalha talks to us fresh from the stage to reveal the heart-warming reason she took part in the show!

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