The Masked Singer: Maskcast

The Masked Singer: Maskcast

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The Masked Singer: Maskcast is a brand new twice-weekly entertainment podcast offering fans a deep dive into the The Masked Singer UK universe, with special celebrity guests, exclusive behind-the-scenes insights and gossip, and an opportunity to dissect those maddeningly compelling clues. Available Mondays and Thursdays from January 1.


MASKCAST, Episode 15 with Keala Settle a.k.a Airfryer

We did it Maskcasters! We completed Series 5 - and what a series it was! Sad the iconic ITV guessing game is over? Don't be - we've a bumper podcast for you to celebrate all the people behind the mask! Star of 'The Greatest Showman' and Hollywood royalty Keala Settle joins Nick Johns to talk incredibly candidly about her experience as Airfryer. Plus we have interviews with all three finalists! How did Lemar find his journey as Cricket compared to Fame Academy? Why did Alex Brooker (Bigfoot) have to apologise to Ricky Wilson (Phoenix)? And why did our winner Danny Jones (Piranha) sign up in the first place? There's only one way to find out...Search 'Maskcast 'on YouTube to watch all the fun!
19/02/24·41m 10s

MASKCAST, Episode 14, Can Claire Richards a.k.a Knitting crack the clues?

It's finally here! This Saturday night on ITV1 and STV we will find out not only who is behind the remaining masks but also our Series 5 winner! Will Cricket bowl us over? Will Big Foot put a spring-in-our step? Will Piranha keep us hooked? Nick Johns and Claire Richards are the ultimate superfans and have a few ideas of their own....The show's Creative Director Dan Nettleton talks us through his proudest moments (and just how he made them happen) and Nicky Campbell a.k.a Dippy Egg takes on our legendary quiz Maskermind! Can you help crack the clues? Will the quiz leave you scrambled? There's only one way to find out...Subscribe to Maskcast so don't miss a single episode. Search 'Maskcast' on YouTube to watch every episode.
15/02/24·26m 25s

MASKCAST, Episode 13 with Nicky Campbell a.k.a Dippy Egg

How did The Masked Singer help broadcaster Nicky Campbell OBE come out of his shell? After hatching a plan with creator Beth Honan to create one of the most hilarious characters in Masked Singer history, he even fooled his bestie, our very own Davina McCall! Plus we catch up with Hollywood actress Keala Settle (Aifryer) and pop icon Tiffany (Eiffel Tower) whist they are still in their flashing costumes side of stage! Let us know who YOU think is behind the mask by sending a voice note on 07999- 584-515 Search MASKCAST on YouTube to watch all the action!
12/02/24·26m 50s

MASKCAST Episode 12, How do we create a character?

Want a bumper episode of girl power? You're in the right place! Hear from two Masked Singer legends; Claire Richards a.k.a Knitting joins Nick Johns to crack those clues and Sausage a.k.a Joss Stone plays a banger in our sizzling quiz Maskermind! Plus creative genius Beth Honan, the lady responsible for birthing each character and putting together each iconic weekly performance talks us through the process - prepare for a memorable trip down masked memory lane!Let us know who YOU think is behind the mask by sending a voice note on 07999-584-515 Search MASKCAST on YouTube to watch all the action!
08/02/24·36m 26s

MASKCAST Episode 11 with Joss Stone a.k.a Sausage

It's a big moment on MASKCAST as we go international and speak to Series Two winner Joss Stone from Nashville. The Brit and Grammy winner explains why dressing up as a banger was "the most fun thing" she's ever done! How did being pregnant with her 'little chipolata' affect her vocals, why oh why did she choose to be Sausage and how did she hilariously misinterpret the rules of the game? Plus Nicky Campbell (Dippy Egg) and Melody Thornton (Maypole) join us the moment they leave the stage, still in costume, to discuss their experience on ITV's ultimate guessing game! Let us know who YOU think is behind the mask by sending a voice note on 07999- 584-515 Search MASKCAST on YouTube to watch all the action!
05/02/24·28m 31s

MASKCAST, Episode 10, Can you make anyone a singer?

Ever wondered how just about any famous face can hold a decent tune under their mask? Vocal Coach Mark De-Lisser talks us through the process of how he can make anyone a singer for the ultimate ITV show, whilst also revealing which character surprised him the most, and who worked the hardest. Bubble tea is back as Julia Sawalha takes on our famous Maskermind quiz and Nick John's goes through your guesses, as together we try to crack just who is behind the mask... Let us know who YOU think is behind the mask by sending a voice note on 07999- 584-515 Search MASKCAST on YouTube to watch all the action!
01/02/24·29m 59s

MASKCAST, Episode 9 with Julia Sawalha

Snap those fingers and crack those clues because we’re about to pop with excitement! Actress Julia Sawalha a.k.a Bubble Tea joins our very own superfan Nick Johns to spill all the piping hot tea on our favorite ITV guessing game! What was it like being reunited with her stage Mum Jennifer Saunders? How did she overcome overwhelming nerves? And why has the experience changed her approach to life?Plus we hear from Daytime TV Queen Lorraine Kelly a.k.a Owl fresh from coming off the stage - it's a hoot! Let us know who YOU think is behind the mask by sending a voice note on 07999- 584-515 Search MASKCAST on YouTube to watch all the action!
29/01/24·26m 1s

MASKCAST Episode 8, Studio day explained...

Ratty a.k.a Shirley Ballas left us with such a smile on our face that we got her back for Maskermind - our fast paced, fun packed quiz. It might be squeaky-chum time! Nick Johns joins the shows Creative Director Dan Nettleton to talk through a typical studio day, from the moment contestants get picked up from their homes to shining in the spotlight on stage.How do they eat? How long are they in costume for? And what happens if they bump into another contestant? You're about to find out! Plus we run through YOUR guesses on who can be behind those masks..... Voicenote and text your guesses on: 07999584515 Contact us on social media using #MaskedSingerUK (and pop 'Maskcast' in.your message) Watch all the fun on YouTube by searching 'MASKCAST'
25/01/24·27m 53s

MASKCAST, Episode 7 with Shirley Ballas a.k.a Rat

'Go out of your comfort zone' is the advice Shirley's 86-year-old mother gave her, and that was the start of her ITV's Masked Singer experience. Before signing up to the show Shirley's friends told her "You can't sing, you're no good, sit down". But with the help of our very own Vocal Coach Mark De Lisser and her son, Mark Ballas, she proved them all wrong by charming the nation on ITV's biggest guessing game! The full inspirational story (and why Shirley loved it so much she's getting a rat tattoo) will fire you up to take on any challenge! Plus Bubble Tea a.k.a Julia Sawalha talks to us fresh from the stage to reveal the heart-warming reason she took part in the show!Watch all the fun on YouTube, just search 'MASKCAST' Voicenote and text your guesses on: 07999584515 Contact us on social media using #MaskedSingerUK (and pop 'Maskcast' in.your message)
22/01/24·20m 53s

MASKCAST, Episode 6, What are the panel really like...

Ohh it's a juicy one Mask Singer fans! Superfan Nick John's grills the ITV show's Creative Director Dan Nettleton on what the panelists are really like....Why is Davina McCall the 'school swat'?Why do they all look to Rita Ora when assessing a certain skill?And what does Johathan Ross have in his dressing room that makes everyone hang out there? Plus after Claire Richard a.k.a Knitting told us she was "obsessed" with the show we put her knowledge to the test... can she beat Charlie Simpson (Rhino) and Tamzin Outhwait (Scarecrow)? Then it's your turn to shine Maskcasters - Nick goes through your guesses to see if together we can crack, who is behind the mask... Get in touch with who YOU think is behind the mask:Voicenote and text: 07999-584-515Post on socials using #maskedsingeruk (mentioning Maskcast)
18/01/24·32m 42s

MASKCAST, Episode 5 with Claire Richards a.k.a Knitting

Masked Singer superfan unite! Knitting a.k.a Claire Richards joins Nick Johns to unravel the latest Masked Singer clues from ITV's greatest guessing game ... knit to be outdone, she even has her own pink brainstorming board! Keep calm and carry yarn as we try to crack Dippy Eggs farm clues whilst Claire is convinced she's cornered Cricket. Plus we catch Rat (Shirley Ballas) backstage to hear all about her experience, including which Judge she is most rat-tled didn't guess her. Get in touch with who YOU think is behind the mask:Voicenote and text: 07999-584-515Post on socials using #maskedsingeruk (mentioning Maskcast)
15/01/24·25m 56s

MASKCAST, Episode 4, How Is A Character Created?

Who’s behind the mask? Join Masked Singer superfan and Maskcast host Nick Johns to deep dive into the latest guesses and clue reviews of the hit ITV show. Even though Nick has an inside track to the producers of the Masked Singer he is in the dark as you are. We asked you to send your guesses in and you did not disappoint! And Scarecrow a.k.a Tamzin Outhwaite has us in hysterics playing a very special round of the quiz ‘Maskermind’ - but can she beat reigning champ Rhino (Charlie Simpson)?Plus Masked Singer boss Dan Nettleton talks us through how a Masked Singer character is created - from brainstorming and drawing to ensuring the celebrities say yes!
11/01/24·27m 23s

MASKCAST, Episode 3 with Tamzin Outhwaite a.k.a Scarecrow

If you like The Masked Singer, you're gonna love this! Join superfan Nick Johns as he explores the bonkers and brilliant world of TV's greatest guessing game. After the egg-cellent Chicken Caesar Salad a.k.a Alexander Armstrong delivered an im-peck-able performance, he tells us why he is now chick-as-thieves with Joel Dommett and found the whole experience flocking brilliant! Then Masked Dancer finalist, actress and presenter Tamzin Outhwaite talks us through her experience as Scarecrow. Why did she chose that particular character, how did she fool her cousin-in-law Judge Holly Willoughby and why did she get a reputation for being naughty backstage? Get in touch with who YOU think is behind the mask:Voicenote and text: 07999-584-515Post on socials using #maskedsingeruk (mentioning Maskcast)
08/01/24·25m 39s

MASKCAST, Episode 2, How was The Masked Singer created?

How did such a bonkers show become such a huge TV hit? One of the big bosses who brought the concept to the UK, Dan Nettleton, explains what he did when others 'laughed him out the door'. We put Busted's Charlie Simpson, a.k.a Rhino's knowledge to the test (think of it as a Judge inauguration) plus host Nick John's discusses YOUR guesses to see if together we can solve, who's behind the mask...Voicenote and text number: 07999-548-515Post using #maskedsingeruk (mention Maskcast)
04/01/24·28m 0s

MASKCAST, Episode One with Busted's Charlie Simpson

We're kicking off Maskcast with two absolute legends from both sides of the Atlantic! Hollywood Walk of Fame and six time Grammy Award winner Dionne Warwick explains to superfan Nick Johns why she took part, her advice for the next generation of performers and what is still left to achieve.Then BRIT Award winner Charlie Simpson aka former winner Rhino joins us from his studio to reveal what it's like to be both sides of the panel - a Contestant and Judge! What does it really feel like inside a costume, what was his second costume choice and why was this "the most nerve-wracking thing" he has ever done! Voicenote and text number: 07999-584-515Post using #maskedsingeruk (mentioning Maskcast)
01/01/24·27m 17s

Official The Masked Singer Podcast: MASKCAST

Finally TV’s greatest guessing show, The Masked Singer, has an official podcast! If you find yourself shouting at the TV, you’ll soon be laughing through your headphones…Twice a week superfan Nick Johns will be bringing you exclusive behind-the-scenes insights and an opportunity to dissect those compelling clues… remember he’s as in the dark as you are, so together you can try and solve TV’s biggest mystery! Every Monday Nick will be joined by a celebrity guest as they share some Masked Singer stories of their own, plus an exclusive interview with the latest contestant to be unmasked! Each Thursday Nick meets the team who make the Masked Singer magic happen.How do they put the clues together? How do they disguise an iconic voice? What are the judges really like? There’s only one place you'll find all the, very honest, answers…. Plus we’ll hear from YOU! Who do you and your friends and family think is behind the mask? Get in touch any way you can; DM us on the official Mask Singer socials, email, text or our personal fave - voice note your thoughts and together we’ll try and crack who’s behind the mask! Voicenote and text number: 07999584515Email:
29/12/23·1m 56s
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