Official The Masked Singer Podcast: MASKCAST

Official The Masked Singer Podcast: MASKCAST

By Bandicoot Television

Finally TV’s greatest guessing show, The Masked Singer, has an official podcast!

If you find yourself shouting at the TV, you’ll soon be laughing through your headphones…

Twice a week superfan Nick Johns will be bringing you exclusive behind-the-scenes insights and an opportunity to dissect those compelling clues… remember he’s as in the dark as you are, so together you can try and solve TV’s biggest mystery!

Every Monday Nick will be joined by a celebrity guest as they share some Masked Singer stories of their own, plus an exclusive interview with the latest contestant to be unmasked!
Each Thursday Nick meets the team who make the Masked Singer magic happen.
How do they put the clues together? How do they disguise an iconic voice? What are the judges really like? There’s only one place you'll find all the, very honest, answers….

Plus we’ll hear from YOU! Who do you and your friends and family think is behind the mask?
Get in touch any way you can; DM us on the official Mask Singer socials, email, text or our personal fave - voice note your thoughts and together we’ll try and crack who’s behind the mask!

Voicenote and text number: 07999584515
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