543. Ask Dr. G: Getting Your Doctor to Order the Labs You Need

543. Ask Dr. G: Getting Your Doctor to Order the Labs You Need

By Commune

Today is all about self advocacy in the healthcare system. Dr. G explains why it’s often challenging to get our providers to order advanced testing, what can be gleaned from basic labs, and how to be your own best doctor. Plus, she shares what labs she runs with her patients.

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In this episode we cover:
00:01:00: Why do providers shy away from ordering certain labs?
00:04:00: What can you understand about your health from basic panels?
00:08:00: What is recommended beyond basic panels?
00:10:00: What hormone tests should women ask their doctors to run?
00:20:00: Sara’s list of tests she runs for her patients
00:23:00: What biomarkers come back from a Cardio IQ test?
00:26:00: How precise are the recommended tests?

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