Gen Z vs. Boomers: Who's the Better Generation?

Gen Z vs. Boomers: Who's the Better Generation?

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Are boomers annoying? Is Gen Z weak? What the hell does bussin mean?! Join Kelly, Sharon, and Ozzy Osbourne as they dive into some fun-filled generational games exploring the fascinating world of generational slang words and terms to once and for all find out WHO IS THE BEST GENERATION?

This is your one stop shop to learn Gen Z slang to impress your friends. Learn things like Rizz, bussin’, GOAT, sus, simp, I’m dead, bruh, no cap, gas, TFTI, vibe check, slaps, and many more important words. From hilarious Gen Z lingo to iconic baby boomer phrases, the Osbournes unpack the nuances of language across different eras. Later, Ozzy has to ‘Name That Celebrity’ both past and present - from the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan to Drake, Doja Cat, Taylor Swift and Timothee Chalamet. Along the way, they share personal anecdotes and insights, delving into generational battles, cultural shifts, and the impact of modern conflicts on how generations develop. 

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