Episode 302: Reviewing the LABR Mixed Draft

Episode 302: Reviewing the LABR Mixed Draft

By Bret Sayre

We step away from our positional previews to discuss the LABR Mixed League draft, which Mike took part in on Tuesday, February 20. We talk about the difference between stand-alone leagues and larger multi-league competitions, strategies for the first four rounds, how to respond to early spring training injury news, building drafts around your starting pitching strategy, what to do when closers get pushed up, and so much more.

(I would like to apologize to Nick Martinez for my unkind comment around the 39-minute mark. I'm sure you're a fun guy.)

(And I would also like to apologize for my sound quality. My microphone decided to go on holiday just before recording.)

The LABR Mixed League draft board can be found here: https://www.rtsports.com/labr-mixed-draft

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