549. Ask Dr. G: Hidden Causes of Insulin Resistance

549. Ask Dr. G: Hidden Causes of Insulin Resistance

By Commune

In this episode, Dr. G explains how factors like stress, diet, exercise, and genetics play a crucial role in insulin response. Plus, she and Jeff share practices they’ve adopted to address their own struggles with insulin resistance.

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In this episode we cover:
00:01:00: How the exercise we choose effects insulin resistance
00:03:00: Five hidden culprits of insulin resistance
00:06:00: The relationship between chronic cardio and cortisol production
00:08:00: Resistance training for managing insulin resistance
00:10:00: How stress management impacts metabolic health
00:12:00: The HSP phenomenon
00:14:00: What role do genetics play in insulin resistance?
00:19:00: The aging process’ effect on metabolic health
00:22:00: What ethnicities are predisposed to insulin resistance?

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