Osbournes Reunion: Kanye West, Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame & Taylor Swift's Stalker

Osbournes Reunion: Kanye West, Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame & Taylor Swift's Stalker

By Osbourne Digital Media

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The FAM is back together! With all hooligans in the mix after months apart, Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly, and Jack dive into a range of topics, including surviving the LA rain and updates on their flooded house, Ozzy's nomination for the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, and plans for their move to the UK. They also discuss recent events, from Ozzy's response to the Kanye situation, Beyoncé's historic Billboard achievement to Slayer's comeback shows. Then, they open the floor to fan questions, covering everything from Ozzfest concert footage to the family's favorite films that make them cry. Don't miss out on this entertaining and insightful episode with the Osbournes.

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