552. Explain the Root of All Disease … in Under 30 Minutes

552. Explain the Root of All Disease … in Under 30 Minutes

By Commune

In today’s episode, Jake challenges Jeff to reveal the root of all chronic disease in under thirty minutes. Together, the Commune co-founders discuss the importance of balance (aka “homeostasis”) in the human organism alongside the interconnected cultural, physiological and psychological factors that go into maintaining good health.

In this episode we cover:
00:01:00: The root of chronic disease
00:08:00: How modern culture hijacks our biology
00:10:00: How nature “programs” us
00:12:00: Being alive as “constant adaptation”
00:16:00: Homeostasis as our body’s driving force
00:20:00: How modern culture has creating a market for self imposed stress
00:22:00: Homeostasis in human psychology
00:26:00: The link between cortisol and mental health woes
00:31:00: Culture as the catalyst for imbalance
00:34:00: How to realign with our biology
00:41:00: Balance as a reflection of personal and societal health

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