554. Throw Out Your (Old) Shoes with Galahad Clark

554. Throw Out Your (Old) Shoes with Galahad Clark

By Commune

In this episode, Galahad Clark, founder of VivoBarefoot, take us through the ins and outs of making shoes that are actually good for your feet — and the planet. Learn how to take care of your feet so they can support you the rest of your life!

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Topics covered: 

00:02:00: In what ways does the modern shoe affect the physiology of the foot?
00:08:00: The history of footwear
00:16:00: How the tennis shoe came to be
00:23:00: Why going barefoot or wearing barefoot shoes increases longevity
00:31:00: The challenge to make footwear more sustainable
00:40:00: Regaining natural foot strength
00:48:00: What is the technology behind the “conductive soul”?
00:57:00: Galahad Clark’s personal story of how he came into shoemaking
00:01:09: Benefits of “grounding”

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