556. Slow Down and Sense Your Life with Sarah Villafranco

556. Slow Down and Sense Your Life with Sarah Villafranco

By Commune

In today’s episode, Jeff is joined by founder of Osmia Skincare, Sarah Villafranco. However, the conversation goes far beyond how to properly care for your body’s largest organ. Sarah sheds light on modern beauty standards (or, rather, double standards), transparency in the cosmetics industry, and how to operate small business successfully and ethically.

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In this episode we cover:

00:02:00: Sarah’s journey from ER doctor to the natural beauty business
00:10:00: Distinguishing between natural and conventional skincare
00:14:00: Ingredients in natural versus conventional skin products
00:18:00: How to know your products are “good for you”
00:23:00: What are parabens and phthalates?
00:30:00: Do parabens and phthalates have negative effects on the body?
00:39:00: The power of fragrance
00:42:00: Rethinking how we understand the aging process
00:48:00: Later in life effects of botox
00:50:00: How to age beautifully and challenge the industry
00:54:00: Gendered double standards in beauty and grooming
00:57:00: Sarah’s personal skin routine
01:03:00: How to create your perfect skin routine
01:09:00: Sarah’s protocols for haircare and skincare

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