S33 Ep6: The Zodiac: Paul Stine San Francisco Cab Murder

S33 Ep6: The Zodiac: Paul Stine San Francisco Cab Murder

By Shane L. Waters, Wendy Cee, Gemma Hoskins

In this episode we delve into the haunting narrative of Paul Stine’s murder by the Zodiac Killer. On a seemingly ordinary night in the tranquil neighborhood of Presidio Heights in San Francisco, the silence is broken by a heinous act that propels Stine, a hopeful academic moonlighting as a cab driver, into the midst of a terrifying killing spree. Through detailed reconstructions, firsthand accounts, and police reports, this episode pieces together the events that led to Stine's untimely death, set against the backdrop of the Zodiac's reign of terror over the Bay Area.

The investigation into Stine’s murder unveils a series of critical missteps and a chilling correspondence from the Zodiac, mocking the police and threatening further violence. We explore the dispatch error that misdirected the initial search efforts, highlighting the challenges faced by law enforcement and the deepening mystery of the Zodiac's identity. Archival material enrich our understanding of this complex case, offering a compelling and disturbing glimpse into one of American criminal history's most perplexing unsolved cases.

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