S2 Ep91: Sister Cathy, Slides of Hope: A Doctor's Quest for Justice

S2 Ep91: Sister Cathy, Slides of Hope: A Doctor's Quest for Justice

By Shane L. Waters, Wendy Cee, Gemma Hoskins

In this episode, recorded as 2022 drew to a close, Shane and Gemma are joined in Maryland by Catherine Rentz, a seasoned journalist and producer from Maryland. Also present is, John Benam, the esteemed Director of Photography known for his work on "The Keepers."

Catherine Rentz takes us deep into the heart of a story that unravels like a tapestry of mystery against the backdrop of 1970s Maryland. At the center of this narrative is a doctor whose meticulous preservation of evidence from sex crimes forms a crucial bridge to solving cold cases that seemed forever lost to time. His extraordinary collection, meticulously cataloged on microscope slides and glass tubes, harbors DNA evidence vital to cracking cases of 'stranger rape' and other heinous crimes, many of which had their original evidence tragically destroyed or mishandled.

Through Catherine's eyes, we delve into her investigative journey, uncovering the significance of this unparalleled collection and its pivotal role in the pursuit of justice.

This episode does not shy away from the darker corners of human history and the search for truth. We discuss the chilling indifference and alleged complicity of Police in a massive pedophile ring orchestrated by Father Maskell, highlighting the pressing need for transparency and external oversight in the DNA testing process.

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